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Anyone in the world

Xiao Yijian is running for his life, and at this time it is proceeding as expected. Bai Bingru is so happy tonight that he doesn't care about what's going on outside the bed. After a while, Xiao Yijian panted like an ox, and Bai Bing was like a pile of mud, unable to move! Moments later, Xiao Yijian said in a low voice: "Jiu Niang, go inside. I'm going to fall!" Bai Bingru wanted to promise, but she couldn't make a sound. She also wanted to move inside, but she didn't even have the strength to suck the breast, so she couldn't move again. The anger in her heart rose, knowing that she had been plotted against, but it was too late, so she had to endure the incomparable hatred and anger, and quickly tried to restore the dark wound with her own True Qi. Xiao Yijian said again: "What's the matter with you, Jiu Niang? Didn't you hear me?" Bai Bingru thought in the dark, is it not Xiao Yijian's ghost, otherwise why did he ask himself again why he did not move? Before she finished thinking about it, Xiao Yijian burst out laughing. Bai Bingru was afraid and hated. She was determined to clean up Xiao Yijian well after her physical strength recovered, so that he was in a dilemma of life and death! After Xiao Yijian stopped laughing, he said coldly: "It's easy for me to kill you now, but we have been in love for ten years, and I can't do it,Pallet rack beams, but I know that one day I will fall into your hands, and you will kill me without mercy, so I have to fly away to a place where you can't find me anymore.". Of course, I will not endure forever, so during my invisibility, I will practice several rare skills, not to deal with you, but to protect my own safety. From Ouyang Yi's words tonight,Steel racking system, I realized a lot of things. If you are not determined to kill me, I still don't want to leave you. In this way, I will tell you a few things before I leave. Although I don't know what oath and secret agreement Mei Sanfeng and you have, but I know that the inner secret is so complicated that it is hard to predict, but you should think of one thing, that is, Ouyang Yi said that in the Wanmei Villa, the matter of "Dongzhongdongtian", if it is true that "Jingtian Gong Jue" has been destroyed, only the one written by Mei Sanfeng is left. Why should Mei Aoshuang travel to Emei to explore the'Valley of No Return '? On the small building of Gaobin Inn, the young man whom you had intended to kill because of you did not die. I saved him. The reason was very simple. I suddenly felt that your means and heart were too ruthless. I saved him with the sorrow of the fox after the death of the rabbit. This man is not Gu Yuecang, nor my Xiao Yijian. Sooner or later, he will become a unique skill and find you at the ends of the earth. You should be careful! Since you and I have known each other, I do not know who you are, but you do not know my origin, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Narrow aisle rack, and now I tell you. In the past, there were three world-famous underworld masters in Jianghu, who were known as the Three Birds of Tianpeng. I am the disciple of the third generation of the Three Birds of Tianpeng, and now I should be regarded as the master of the three birds. However, the disciples of the third generation of the three birds have already died, and my master is just an empty seat. Since I left a message to my first teacher and traveled to Emei, I lost the news. It is said that the three masters once came to the'Valley of No Return '. I vowed to find out the details, so I began to walk in Jianghu. Unexpectedly, I would throw myself under your seat and be the best minister beside you. But I almost died tragically at your hands, which was unexpected! Nine Niang, finally there are two things to tell you, Xiao Yijian other may be a lot of difference between you, but in tact, I am more confident than you, I infer that you are Bai Bingru, yes, but there are many strange medicines in the world, just to stay in the face, maybe it can make sixty old people look like twenty people, but the body given by God can't be changed by any medicine. You have been greedy for the first thing between men and women. How can it be that a man in his seventies should.. Nine Niang, who are you? I don't want to know now, but sooner or later, I will uncover your false face and make you show your true face. Now there is only one thing left. The medicine you have taken is the secret of my Tianpeng Gate. It must break out every few days. When it breaks out, it is the same as you are now. You can't open your mouth or move your body. There is no medicine to cure it. You must endure for two hours. So I advise you to stay in the cave for about a year from the Ming Dynasty. You will experience the day of the onset of the disease, and then as long as you find a place to rest the day before the onset of the disease, you will not be hurt by the outside world when the disease occurs! Jiu Niang, our fate has come to an end. Forgive me for not accompanying you any more. Listen to me. Anyway, you can't move. Why don't you sleep at ease? Bai Bingru only hates his teeth, but he has no alternative. Xiao Yijian uncovered the quilt steeply, revealing the body of Bai Bing like a little white sheep! He looked again and again, and finally bent over and kissed enough from head to foot before he began to float up. He, too, was naked, and as soon as he had picked up his clothes, a cold breath suddenly came from the back of his neck. He was so frightened that he flashed into the corner of the cave in a panic! Staring intently, a dark shadow was blocking the entrance of the corridor. He did not know what to do for a moment, and the wood stood there motionless. The shadow said coldly: "Put on your clothes, quickly!" Only then did Xiao Yijian return to his body and hurriedly put on his clothes: "And the upper body and the long gown, all wear it." Xiao Yijian hurriedly took his clothes and put them on three or two. Go and dress the man in the bed! Xiao Yijian did not dare not listen, immediately obeyed, for Bai Bingru also dressed. In fact, Xiao Yijian's skill is very high, but he does not know why, simply did not think of fighting with this person, perhaps this person suddenly appeared without a sound, has shocked Xiao Yijian. Save her with the antidote! Xiao Yijian this can be difficult, of course he has the antidote, but after saving Bai Bingru, he must die,Warehouse storage racks, so he hesitated and did not start. Didn't you hear me? Xiao Yijian immediately answered: "I dare not save her." "Oh, you're afraid she'll kill you, aren't you?" "She will." "Are you afraid of death?" "It's not a question of fear." 。