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Anyone in the world

Small circle confused, confused for two seconds, replied: "One by one to check the project to do the past, there are many instruments are not a day to produce results..." "Oh." Coming out of the building that Chu Wenzhou had inspected, Xiao yuan said, "Are you very nervous, Miss?" "Why do you think so?" "Your hands have been rubbing the corners of your clothes." “……” Nanyan bowed her head. Today she was wearing clothes and trousers, a rare casual dress. Hot pants were nothing. The silk vest and the hem of the jacket were rubbed out by her hands. Nan Yan stroked the corner of his coat and coughed lightly. "I'm not used to being in a strange place," he said without looking at Xiao yuan. Small circle; "… …" Second young lady, don't look at the scenery. Look at me. Do I look like an Ako who can believe it? The small circle does not expose, the south smoke also no longer moves the claw, all the way to the diagnosis room, the south smoke sits down, changed the posture four times in a row, after several times repeatedly licks the lip, Fang said: "Doctor Hello." The potbellied fat doctor sitting opposite held his glasses, and after Xiaoyuan translated, he nodded back: "Hello." Next, under the quick translation of Xiaoyuan,warehouse rack manufacturer, the communication between the two people is on the right track. Fat Doctor: "What is the relationship between the patient and you?" Nan Yan: "I am her niece. She has no children. I am the only relative." The fat doctor nodded, flipped through the cases, and stopped at one of them. By the way, we can see that the patients in China have already started taking the new drugs we developed, right? "Yes." "And then the disease was under control, not bad?" "Yes." The fat doctor nodded his head. As for our understanding of the condition, let me tell you about the medical records, our analysis,Pallet rack supplier, and the follow-up recommendations for treatment. "The patient has not yet undergone surgery, which is a very correct decision. After surgery in this area, the probability of diffusion is too high. It is right to carry out conservative treatment first." "The control of targeted drugs is very effective in patients, and there are no obvious sequelae and other reactions, which is also a very good effect in our clinical trials." "The medical record shows that the patient is currently in the first stage, which shows that the drug has delayed the development of the disease, and the follow-up.." South smoke is stupefied, the upper part of the body leans forward, interrupt: "What do you say, she is in a few period now?" Xiaoyuan and Nanyan looked at each other. They had never seen Nanyan so urgent before. They translated to the doctor. They looked back and said firmly, "You are in the first stage, Miss." "No!" Nan Yan murmured, "How can it be the first phase? Shouldn't it be the second phase?" Confused, Cantilever Storage rack ,Industrial pallet rack, the doctor took another look at the case and nodded: "No, the result of the last examination in Huaguo Hospital showed that it was the first stage. This examination was two weeks ago. It should be relatively accurate." "And if you look at the results of her examination, the condition of the cells is still some time away from the second stage of development." Nanyan stood up and could not believe that from the doctor's medical record, although the handwriting was scribbled and difficult to distinguish, the last line of the diagnosis was indeed written in the first issue. At that time, Nanyan was busy and was preparing for the wedding, so she didn't go to the hospital. Last time she went to the clinic, she boasted that she knew the result. In the chat with the doctor, the doctor didn't mention it again, and she didn't ask about it. Nanyan seemed to be hit by something, his mind was blank for a moment, his eyes blinked a few times, which made Xiaoyuan and the doctor a little stupefied. Xiaoyuan poured a glass of water for Nanyan, and Nanyan held it for a long time. She was really, really surprised. I can't come to my senses for a while. But Nanyan has always had strong self-control, but after a few moments of breathing, he blinked, took a sip of water, and asked questions calmly. If we follow the previous speed and do not use your medicine in the middle, is it the second phase now? The doctor is asked by south smoke: "I look." After looking through the medical records several times, the doctor was proud: "Yes, after the intervention of targeted drugs, the patient's condition has been effectively controlled." Nanyan was ecstatic. "What about the back of her?" The doctor, Nahananyan, was suddenly excited. He coughed lightly and continued: "This is the result of half a month ago. Today, we have an examination in our research Institute. The result will come out almost a week later. If the patient is also in the first stage after a week, we have the follow-up treatment of this drug here." "It is also a treatment that has not yet been fully marketed by our research Institute." “Nirvana?” Nan Yan blurted out. Nirvana. It stands for rebirth. The doctor was stupefied, say slowly: "Look Madam, you have very deep understanding to our project!"! But this is only the internal name, after the listing, definitely need to change the name, now the draft is Nirva. Nan Yan covered his mouth with his hand, his eyes turned red, Xiao yuan couldn't figure it out, and the doctor was confused by Nan Yan's reaction. Can she, can she attend? Nan Yan's voice trembled uncontrollably. If the disease is still in the first stage, it is possible. The doctor's words made Nanyan's heart sink again, and he pinched his fingers tightly. The doctor observes words and expressions, comfort a way: "This development of the patient, if do not have accident, should not arrive 2 period, still relax state of mind please." South smoke Leng Leng nodded, Zhang Huang but a moment, and gather up the spirit to ask questions. What is the recovery rate of this new project? The doctor did not hide his pride: "It can reach 60%. The three-year survival rate of the patients involved is 70%. It can be said that we are the only one in the world to reach this parameter for the current disease." Think of what complexion is dark: "Regrettablly,Narrow aisle rack, it is the condition that treats is too harsh." Nan Yan knows. How could she not know? Since she decided to treat her aunt, Nan Yan has repeatedly recalled her known plot in the book. Aunt's illness develops very fast, and it is almost impossible to recover in the later stage. The main hope of survival is in the early stage.