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by Houchens Houchens - Wednesday, 7 September 2022, 9:16 AM
Anyone in the world

Although Hua Yun did not know what was around him, he also knew that it was absolutely dangerous to be in the fog of the misty forest. Alice did not know how to identify the direction, as if into no man's land, just fly forward, with Huayun's sensitive perception, can feel that there has been a faint magic wave around, like a silk thread floating in the air, and Alice seems to be based on this magic wave to perceive the direction. Gradually, after a period of time, the fog around began to fade a little, a tree gradually appeared in front of Huayun. Alice, who was worried that Hua Yun would fall from her body at first, found that Hua Yun had been sitting on her body steadily, and her heart suddenly gave birth to an unconvinced feeling. In her mind, plant division is generally a non-combat professional. Although respected in the human world, the strength of the battle may not be so good, so she had such an idea before. But when she felt the Huayun on her back, there was a slight surprise in her heart. The guy on her back did not know how to do it. No matter how she flew, she had been sitting on her body steadily, without the slightest shaking, as if her back was flat, and even her hands had never scratched her back. Think of before Hua Yun that some arrogant'need not ', Alice fanned the wings can not help but slightly increased a trace of strength. The action of flying began to become erratic,gold cil machine, and the speed was faster than before. With Hua Yun's perception, he immediately sensitively felt a slight change in Alice's flight, and did not think that Alice had the intention to compete with himself. He just slightly adjusted the direction of his body's strength, and immediately sat down again. Take it easy. Feeling the carefree Huayun on her back, Alice was completely competing with Huayun at the moment, but she did not dare to show too much, like rotating 360 degrees in the air, she did not dare to do it,Portable gold trommel, but her body shook from time to time, and the speed became faster and faster. For Alice's sudden change, Hua Yun, who completely put his mind in the forest, was somewhat surprised. But there was nothing wrong with it. This degree of turbulence was nothing to him at all. In a short time, the surrounding scene has become fully visible. The woods ahead are getting thicker and thicker, far away. A wide clearing suddenly appeared in the forest. Is surrounded by a group of elves. Alice quickly dropped the speed, gently landed on the open space, Hua Yun from the back down, immediately changed into a human form. The little girl blushed and breathed heavily. The previous contest with Hua Yun cost her a lot of physical strength, but until the end. Hua Yun did not show the slightest panic and effort on her back, which made Alice quite depressed. Alice, what's wrong with you? Seeing Alice's laborious appearance, Lysa, who was close to her, immediately came up and asked with concern. At the same time, Carbon in Pulp ,tin beneficiation plant, she fixed her eyes on Hua Yun and wondered: "This man doesn't look very heavy. Alice shouldn't be so laborious to carry him, right?" Hua Yun's eyes swept across the open space, except for the four four empires of the plant division and a wood magic teacher, the rest of the hundreds of people are all elves, surrounded together, so that Hua Yun, who is very difficult to distinguish the appearance of the elves, can not help but feel a burst of dazzling. But Rao is so, Hua Yun's eyes were finally attracted by a female elf in the elf crowd. Elegant temperament, a dark green hair lightly draped behind the head, in the feeling of Huayun, the appearance of the elves is not much more beautiful than other elves, but I do not know why, Huayun's eyes in the crowd when a look, will naturally gather on the body of the elves, it seems that the elves have a kind of inexplicable attractive temperament. Even Huayun, whose heart was like a pool of water, was unnaturally attracted to the past. Friends from the Kingdom of Sith, welcome you to the Elves. I, Elf Queen Lax, thank you for coming on behalf of the Elves. ” "The Elf Queen, sure enough!" Hua Yun felt a little respect in her heart and said with a smile on her face, "I am deeply honored to be able to come to the Elves and meet the legendary Queen of the Elves." "Now that all six of you have come here, I hope you can help our elves tide over the difficulties!" The elf queen gave a slight salute to Huayun and others, and then suddenly there was an earth-shaking roar in the distance. Far away, it seemed that a huge object was slowly approaching. There was a faint tremor from the earth. With that huge tremor, there was the rustling of countless leaves, as if the wind was blowing through the forest. The sound was frightening. In the surprised eyes of Huayun and others, several huge trees came out slowly from the depths of the forest. Yes, they came out. At the bottom of the trees, countless huge roots, like human feet, came to the open space in a constant swing. On the trunk of the giant tree, there was a huge face, sharp as a nose, two strange but very clear eyes, like someone carved out of the trunk with a knife, and under the nose was a big mouth, with a small arc even outlining the upper and lower lips, and the branches growing from the trunk were like huge arms. Constantly waving. Your Majesty, Great Elf Queen, Ancient Guardian Gunir heeds your call! The leading tree suddenly made a loud noise, and the other trees behind the tree also made a buzzing sound at the same time. Looking at the giant tree in front of him, which was more than ten meters high, Hua Yun was completely shocked at the moment. In his mind, he had always thought that the thousand-year-old trees mentioned by the elves were just a few very common trees, and even if there was any difference, they should be just a little older, a little rarer, or as the elves said to the outside world,Portable gold trommel, they could secrete the water of life that made the elves inherit, which was so precious, but Huayun never thought of it. How could these thousand-year-old trees grow like this.