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Anyone in the world

Yang Nian's heart was pounding. "Big, big white!"! What are you doing. Yang Nian instantly confused, this demon fox is so fierce. Hearing Yang Nian's words, he dropped a look of disgust. Ao Jiao got up and walked gracefully to the door. Then he looked back at Yang Nian, as if to say: Bastard, aren't you going to Fengyun City? Why don't you get up from bed? Is Baymax male or female? Yang Nian suddenly thought of a very serious problem! Generally speaking, demon fox women are very beautiful. If Baymax was a female, it would look great. Walk away! Fengyun City! Thinking of this question, Yang Nianlian shook his head, then got up and rode Baymax, sweeping to Fengyun City in the night. Chapter 27 who does the running dog scold? Yang Nian came back from Fengyun City, and the sky just turned white. Get up, get up, get up! Changeable knife into an iron rod, Yang Nian like the devil instructor inside the special forces, will Guyun, Yi Dachuan and other eight people to get up. Headmaster, let me sleep a little longer. Yi Dachuan is used to being lazy and sleeping until the sun comes up. Who let him be so lucky and rich. It's all about living a rich man's retirement life. Ah Is it still dark? Headmaster, what are you doing. Gu Yun also has the spirit of getting up. Everyone else was fine,tin beneficiation plant, except for the flowers, who were a little sleepy, and everyone else was full of energy. Zhang Fan that guy has even run a big circle around the empty mountain road, this guy is really hard ah! "Cheer up!" Yang Nian learned from the stern drillmaster, carrying the iron rod on his shoulder, looking at the eight people standing in a row, from time to time with the iron rod to frighten Gu Yun, "Gu Yun,manganese beneficiation plant, Yi Dachuan!"! How can a man of spiritual practice be lazy in bed? "Look at Zhang Fan!"! They have already run around the mountain road! Are you ashamed? You are sleeping, and your opponents are desperate! "If you don't work hard today, you will be sad tomorrow!" Remembering the green years of the college entrance examination, the teacher in charge of the class taught people like this. Now I have experienced it. That's so ***ing cool! Seeing Yang Nian's stern face, Yi Dachuan and Gu Yun were stunned. Gu Yun remembered the experience of being beaten by Ah Man and dared not speak. Yi Dachuan was ruffian. He was afraid of a bird. He said, "Headmaster, I don't deny the meaning of hard work.". But some people don't need to work hard naturally. Like me.. As soon as Yi Dachuan said this, not only Yang Nian. The other seven people all stared at each other in an instant and said one word in unison: "Get out!" This guy shows off his wealth, his talent, his talent, his luck.. I really don't know how to keep a low profile! Causing public anger. Yi Dachuan did not expect everyone to have such a tacit understanding, he thought they were on one side, consistent with the outside world, gold heap leaching ,portable gold wash plant, resistance to early special training. As a result, he found that he was wrong. Hey. I blame myself for being too good. Yi Dachuan fell into the bottomless abyss of narcissism. Yang Nian was relieved to see the goods being targeted. The prick is usually the first to be dealt with. As of today, you must all get up at this time today! Then gather here, latecomers, and wait on Aman's fists! Yang Nian announced the rules directly. No rules, no square circle. Since it is special training, it is necessary to have the appearance of special training. There are three projects every day! "The first is to run with a heavy load for an hour, which is a warm-up." "The second item, extreme combat, eight people randomly selected opponents, fighting until the spiritual exhaustion!" "The third item, the medicinal bath quenches the body, after a day's special training, each person has a bottle of body fluid to quench the body!" "Remember!"! This is just the end of the day training! You can't fall behind in your daily spiritual practice! So you can only arrange your own practice at night! If someone is lazy and makes progress too slowly, be careful of my hungry and thirsty 40-meter broadsword! At the end of the conversation, Changeable knife directly rose into a broadsword with a length of 40 meters and a width of three meters, which was cut on the ground with a bang. Click, click, click.. Under the 40-meter broadsword, the ground cracked a long crack in an instant. Terrible to the extreme. "Eight people see this scene is the body a tremor, frightened all over a shiver, straighten the body." Do you understand? Yang Nian said sternly. I understand, Headmaster! Eight people answered at the top of their voices. "Very good!" Yang Nian eyes swept eight people, "these three in addition to the extreme battle, the other two will continue until the beginning of the hundred Zong Congress!"! Extreme combat will be changed to field experience after 20 days! I hope all of you can cheer up! "It's the master!" Eight people answered loudly again. Now they are completely awake. Gu Yun: As long as the extreme battle does not meet Aman, the rest of the project is drizzle. It seems that this special training is just so so. Just get up early and stick to it. "Come!"! Shout our slogan! "Work hard!"! Struggle Yang Nian directly copied the opening lines of the king of comedy. Strive! Struggle "Work hard!"! Struggle …… The disciples shouted slogans like chicken blood, and Yang Nian was very satisfied with their enthusiasm. Baymax Yang Nian shouted. The voice fell, and with a bang, it burst out of the Hall of Self-cultivation, bursting out eight tails, eight tails swaying, each tail rolled with heavy iron. As soon as the eight tails are thrown, Boom, boom. Eight loud noises, suddenly eight piles of sinking iron accurately fell in front of eight people. When the iron fell to the ground, the ground trembled violently, and even the sound of cracking could be heard. There are fine cracks in the surrounding ground. Headmaster, what is this? The corners of Gu Yun's mouth are twitching. He felt that the master's pirate ship had officially set sail. Yang Nian smiled eerily at the corners of her mouth and said indifferently, "This is Shen Tie, six pieces each.". Two on the feet, two on the hands, two on the chest and behind the chest. "Each piece of heavy iron weighs two hundred catties and runs for an hour with a heavy load." Gu Yun and Yi Dachuan smell speech disdain, cut, a total of only one thousand two hundred catties,magnetic separator machine, for the warrior after the operation of spiritual power, is nothing at all. However, they are not happy enough.