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Anyone in the world

I followed him out in a hurry. But he saw Qingyan squatting on the steps and sobbing softly. I took out my silk handkerchief and handed it over, turning my head angrily. I said softly, "Youyou was hurt like this to save me. How can I watch her.." Qingyan interrupted me angrily: "Do you know how much power my Martial Uncle needs to cure her?"? If this is Leng Guxuan's trick, wouldn't Martial Uncle be very dangerous? I am silent, with a faint temperament really can not rule out the possibility of framing Qiuyuehan, but if she is abandoned, I can not bear it. Qingyan sighed leisurely, "My Martial Uncle has always been kind-hearted. I'm afraid he will fall into the trap of their master and disciples this time." "How could Miss Qingyan find my place?" I whispered. Qingyan said, "I thought Youyou would come to look for you, so I wanted to follow her and find out where she was staying. I didn't expect Leng Guxuan to follow her to the inn.". Although I saw them take you away, I was unable to rescue you, so I had to follow them far away and send a signal to find my uncle. With a lingering fear in my heart, I said, "If you and senior Qiu had come one step later, I'm afraid I would have died by now." There was a faint groan of pain in the room, and I stood up nervously. "Don't worry," said Qingyan coldly. "Martial Uncle won't hurt her." I blushed and said,gold CIP machine, "I remember Senior Qiu once told me that she used to be a member of the Xuanming Sect. How could she be with you?" "Our business has nothing to do with you," said Qingyan. "You'd better mind your own business." After more than an hour, the room was silent. I feel uneasy in my heart, but I don't know the progress of Qiuyuehan's healing? Qingyan was also concerned about Martial Uncle's safety and paced back and forth restlessly in the garden. When the door finally opened, Qiuyuehan came out wearily and said to me with a smile, "Nothing will happen to her!"! I'm already asleep! I was just relieved at this time. Qingyan stepped forward to hold Qiuyuehan's arm and helped her sit down on the stone. "How are you, Martial Uncle?" He asked with concern. Qiuyuehan wiped the sweat from her forehead with a silk handkerchief and whispered,coltan ore processing, "What can I do? I'll be fine after a rest." She said to Qingyan, "Go and pour me a glass of water. I'll have a word with Yin Kong." Qingyan knew she had something to ask me alone and nodded. He asked me where the kitchen was and turned away. Qiuyuehan stared at my face with a pair of beautiful eyes. After a long time, she sighed and said, "Yin Kong!"! What did I tell you? I looked ashamed. At the beginning, Qiuyuehan had told me not to reveal the secret of the Spring Palace Map. In order to let Xuanming Sect help me deal with Xue Wuji, I still revealed this matter. This trouble was really caused by myself. "My Younger Martial Sister is ruthless," said Qiuyuehan. "She will do whatever it takes to get Infinite Xuangong." "The younger generation is wrong," I whispered. Qiuyuehan sighed and said, "What's the use of knowing you're wrong now? Since Leng Guxuan knows that half of the treasure map is in your hands, will she still let you go?"? Even if I can protect you for a while, I can't protect you for a lifetime. Unless you give the treasure map to Leng Guxuan, I'm afraid she will haunt you. Thinking of Leng Guxuan's terrible martial arts, small gold wash plant ,Carbon in Pulp, I couldn't help shivering. I said with a wry smile, "It seems that I have to give her the half of the map." Qiuyuehan said, "If you give it to her, it will not only be the misfortune of Wulin, but also the misfortune of all the people in the world. Leng Guxuan not only pursues the supreme martial arts, but also pursues the supreme power. I'm afraid you don't know her identity.." Speaking of the key point, Qiuyuehan paused slightly. "Who on earth is she?" I whispered. The autumn moon looked at the bright moon in the sky, and her beautiful eyes showed a sense of loss. She said in a low voice, "She is a descendant of the Donghu royal family. If she gets the map of the treasure, I'm afraid this huge wealth will fall into the hands of the barbarians, and then our whole Central Plains will be in danger." I gasped, but I didn't expect things to be so complicated. Remembering that he had easily revealed the treasure map, he could not help regretting it. "Elder Qiu," I said respectfully, "can you tell the younger generation what I should do now?" "After so many years," said Qiuyuehan, "your internal skills have been mediocre. I think you've spent all your energy on infighting in the past few years. You haven't done any hard work in martial arts." I couldn't help being ashamed and said, "Yin Kong has failed to live up to the teachings of his predecessors." I am a little strange to ask: "That Miao Qiwu is just a rich merchant, how can he be linked with the secret book of the magic door?" Qiuyuehan said, "When Miao Qiwu was alive in the world, he fell in love with a senior of the Demon Gate. Later, the senior retired for him. After his death, he divided Wujian Xuangong into two parts, among which the basic pithy formula was hidden." In the picture of the Spring Palace, the other half is buried in a secret place with the treasure. For many years, the Demon Gate thought that Wujian Xuangong was all buried in the treasure, but it did not know that there was still a pithy formula circulating outside. She gave me a meaningful look and said, "If it wasn't for chance, I wouldn't have known. The formula is in your hand." I nodded and said, "Leng Guxuan should not know about this." Qiuyuehan smiled indifferently and said, "If she knows you have a pithy formula, she won't let you leave tonight in any case." "Senior Qiu!"! Leng Guxuan is obviously determined to win the treasure map this time. What can we do to stop her? Qiuyuehan said, "If everything is as Youyou said, and the treasure map is kept in the Iron Flag Tower, Leng Guxuan will surely go to the Iron Flag Tower to steal the map on her birthday tomorrow." I smiled and said, "It's a pity that she left in a hurry today and didn't take away the machine map of the Iron Flag Tower." "Leng Guxuan is highly skilled in martial arts," said Qiuyuehan. "Is there any mechanism in the world that can stop her?" I frowned slightly, and Qiuyuehan said, "Tomorrow, when I celebrate my birthday,sodium cyanide price, I will go to the Iron Flag Tower to stop Leng Guxuan and let Qingyan wait for an opportunity to steal the treasure map." I nodded and said, "I will cover your entry into the palace." "Great changes are bound to take place in the palace tomorrow," said Qiu Yuehan. "You'd better leave the capital of Han before the birthday ceremony begins." 。