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"Well, I thank you!" Knowing that it was useless to fight against him, Jiu smiled coldly, with a strong and stubborn light in his eyes. Biting her lip, she said, "Two hundred songs, right?"? In five days, you let me memorize it all, right? "Yes!"! Five days later, I want to spot check! "What about five days later?" "I have other tasks for you to complete in five days, so you must not try to get in front of me!" "Well, in five days, I promise to finish it all!" —————————————— Take a deep breath, nine son in the bottom of my heart emerged a strong will, is not back two hundred songs! Her memory is very good. In the past, when she was studying, other students had to burn the midnight oil. She only needed to go through the whole self-study time twice and she would have a photographic memory. However, she really didn't want to recite these two hundred pieces of music. It was really a pain for the rich to be idle! But there is no way, fall into the hands of Mo Kenai, since he is not able to fight against him, only to cater to him first, find the opportunity to deal him a fatal blow! She really wanted to know what Mo Kenai would do if she seduced Mo Shaoqi and told him all his plans. Of course,Oil Dropper Bottle, shrewd as he is, cunning as he is, he must have considered this layer long ago. However, Mo Shaoqi is not a vegetarian! In this rich and powerful family war between uncle and nephew, what position should he be in and what kind of outcome will it cause? Nine son suddenly very curious, from the beginning of forced, unwilling, this moment,cosmetic packaging wholesale, her heart suddenly burning a flaming flame, as well as unwilling, unyielding fighting spirit. Mo Kenai, I'll show you what you can get in the end! Thinking of this, she said clearly to the microphone word by word: "I promise to finish it in five days, but, Mo Shao, I also hope you promise me a'small 'condition!" Volume 4 Verse 209: Silly woman, he can't do anything about her. Thinking of this, she said clearly to the microphone word by word: "I promise to finish it in five days, but, Mo Shao, I also hope you promise me a small condition!" "Oh?"? What conditions? As long as you can finish the task, everything else is easy to say! With a smile between his eyebrows, Jiu Er said slowly to the microphone word by word: "You want me to recite two hundred songs in five days, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,30ml dropper bottle, although this is not difficult, but it is not easy, I need'absolutely good 'rest, so.." "So what?" Mo Kenai frowned, and he vaguely guessed what the woman would say next. So, you should understand! Mo Shao! The corner of the mouth ripples a smile, that dimple appears more lovely, but with a kind of unfathomable taste: "So, later you do not come to harass me at night!"! Otherwise, I can't sleep well, concentrate well, and have no way to guarantee a good memory during the day, but I can't finish the sacred task you entrusted to me, Mo Shao! The knuckles of the hand holding the microphone were a little white. Mo Kenai sneered, "Woman, are you bargaining with me?"? You have to remember that it's not because of how much I like you that I do those things at night! "Yes, yes, yes, of course I won't flatter myself that you like me so much!" Hearing the angry meaning in her words, nine son's mood is more and more light, can let this little devil eat shriveled, it is too cool! Even the confused mood just now disappeared. ———————————————— She continued to answer as if singing: "I-know, Mo Dashao, you are just teaching me other lessons, training-practice!"! I can understand that too! However, the training at night is not more important than the training during the day. If the training at night delays the course during the day and makes you sleepy, you will blame me for not finishing the task in the end. So there is no way. I can only rest for a few days first, and then carry out the "private training" course you gave me. Do you think this is good? The corners of Mo Kenai's lips were getting thinner and thinner. God damn it! This woman should refuse him to get close to her body at night with such high-sounding words! Although the words he had just said were really not right, last night, there was not only a scene like that that he wanted to train her, but also at that time, it was out of his own heart that he longed for her like crazy and wanted her. Although he knew that this was not good for either of them and that it had delayed his own plans, he really could not restrain his impulse. Let her convince herself that this is just a necessary means to seduce Mo Shaoqi, otherwise, he does not know how to explain what he did to her. However, she actually asked five days not to provoke her, five days, can you do it? Mo Kenai took a deep breath, thinking of the scenes of last night, and began to breathe violently in his throat. Take five days off, at least you won't be so confused that you will do something you regret under the drive of your own nature. He couldn't have her anyway! Volume 4 Verse 210: Silly woman, he can't do anything about her. Take five days off, at least you won't be so confused that you will do something you regret under the drive of your own nature. He couldn't touch her completely in any way! That's for Mo Shaoqi. It's a big gift from him to his uncle! Although every time he thought of this, he had an impulse to go crazy, but this was the bitter fruit he had planted for himself, and he could only swallow it silently. Fine He opened his mouth slowly: "Teacher, I will give you five days, but if you can't finish the task I gave you in five days, then I will think of a good way to punish you!" "If Mo Shao can promise,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, then I promise to complete the task, if not, I am willing to be punished!" 。