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Anyone in the world

As soon as the girl looked up, Wang Feng and others almost wanted to run, but their legs were not obedient, just a strong pendulum. There were two lines of blood-red tears on the girl's face, the eyeball of one eye fell out of the eye socket, a piece of nose was missing, and the upper lip was torn and turned outward. The whole face was as horrible and disgusting as a persimmon that had been stepped on, which made people dare not look at it for the first time. She was surrounded by a small stream of gray air, which circled around her body, and that was what Lin Feng called resentment. Lin Feng has no reaction to this face, after all, his experience is not what these rookies can imagine. His spirit has already been tempered and tempered as strong as iron and steel. Naturally, it will not be easily defeated by such a small horror scene. Lin Feng crouched down and approached the girl and said, "Can you tell me who you are waiting for?" His tone was incomparably gentle, as natural as a loving elder asking a younger generation. There was no other expression on his face, with a gentle smile and encouraging eyes. Volume 3 Ghost Chapter 8 Ghost (8) The girl raised her face slightly and said, "Will you help me?" Lin Feng answered in the natural affirmative, as if duty-bound, said: "Of course, can help you, I feel very happy,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, tell me who you are waiting for?" The girl hesitated and said, "I made an appointment with my boyfriend to meet here today, but he hasn't come yet. Why hasn't he come yet? Can you tell me?" Lin Feng said, "What's your boyfriend's name?" The girl's face suddenly changed terribly and she said, "Do you know why he hasn't come yet?" "No," said Lin Feng to himself. "This grievance has been accumulating for too long. It has covered her reason. It seems necessary for her to wake up!"! Before Lin Feng had finished thinking about it, the girl suddenly became very angry all over her body. Lin Feng covered his face and stepped back. The girl's voice became shrill: "Why doesn't he come? Why doesn't he come?" She kept repeating this sentence in her mouth, and the faster she spoke,Thyroid Powder Factory, the more she seemed to be covered with a layer of gray. She stood up slowly, then slowly floated up, feet off the ground, long hair floating up automatically, and there was no wind in the classroom, the shrill voice had turned into a roar: "Why doesn't he come?"? Why hasn't he come yet? Lin Feng pushed the three people behind him away and said, "Stay away. She's blinded by her anger. It's very dangerous now!" Wang Feng and Liu Hong Zhao Long are a little angry, with his way, obviously should be able to solve earlier, but it happened to drag others to go on a rampage to solve. They knew that Lin Feng wanted to answer his question to solve her obsession, and that they knew that the question of the spirit of resentment had no beginning or end. For a long time, I only know how to ask back and forth, "Why doesn't he come?" Lin Feng knows why he hasn't come yet! Looking at the spirit of resentment that was about to go on a rampage, Lin Feng's hand turned over a piece of amulet that was already sandwiched between his index finger and middle finger. With a shake of his hand, S Adenosyl Methionine ,D BHB Factory, the amulet shot at the spirit of resentment like an arrow, and stuck to the body of the spirit of resentment accurately. It is a piece of "Qingyuan Mantra", which can purify all filth and duplicate Qingyuan. After the amulet pasted on the body of the spirit of resentment, the spirit of resentment looked very painful, and the already miserable face was twisted at the moment so that people dared not look at it. Lin Feng's hands were imprinted and his mouth was muttering. Zhao Long and other three people could not hear what he was reading, only to see the gray air around the spirit of resentment gathered one by one toward the amulet, slowly were taken into the amulet. In the end, the gray was clean, and there was no trace left around the spirit of resentment. After the amulet completed its mission, it turned into ashes and fell to the ground. Lin Feng waved and said, "Well, no problem. Her origin has been absorbed. There is no danger. Come here!" Three people come over doubtfully, a look at the girl can not help but froze. What a beautiful face that is! Shoulder-length hair fell softly, two clear tears hung on his face, clear eyes showed pity, straight nose and tightly closed lips, looked pitiful. Is this the spirit that cried just now? The three of them could hardly believe their eyes and rubbed them hard, convinced that they were not dreaming or dizzy. Three people all thought: If such a beautiful female ghost, see ten every day, no! A hundred will not be afraid, how pleasing to the eye! Lin Feng was about to ask a question when he heard the sound of "tick, tick" behind him. Turning around, the three guys had a long string of saliva hanging from the corners of their mouths, shining in the moonlight through the window. Lin Feng frowned and scolded, "Shit!" Then he said, "I've never seen a beautiful woman, and I'm crazy about her like this!"! Students are frowning now? What a shame! Three people listen to Lin Feng's curse, all come to their senses, hurriedly wipe the saliva of their own mouth clean. Wang Feng first salivated and said, "Sister, what's your name?" Next to Zhao Long said: "I rely on, you already have a partner, do not eat in the pot, occupy the bowl, give me a chance?" Liu Hong corrected the way: "Not eating in the pot and occupying in the bowl, but eating in the bowl and occupying." Lin Feng was almost mad at these three guys, and when he saw the spirit of resentment, he was so scared that he almost ran away. (Of course, he didn't know that they were so scared that they didn't have the energy to run!) Now look at the appearance of others after dispelling resentment, one or two like the wolf in the color, the green light in the eyes are coming out. "Don't make any noise," Lin Feng shouted. "Do you think you're chasing after a girl now?" Only then did the three of them remember what the task was this time, and they were embarrassed to lower their heads and dare not look at Lin Feng's face like a zombie, but they still peeked at the spirit of resentment from time to time. After all, it is estimated that the opportunity for such a beautiful woman to meet in their medical university is only once every three years. Of course, we should take the time to see it several times. Lin Feng glared at the three of them again before he said to the resentful spirit, "What's your boyfriend's name?" "My name is Lesser Snow,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer," said the resentful spirit. Lin Feng almost vomited blood. He asked what his boyfriend's name was. She answered what her own name was. Lin Feng said, "I said, Lesser Snow. I asked what your boyfriend's name is." 。