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by Houchens Houchens - Wednesday, 7 September 2022, 9:18 AM
Anyone in the world

Li Zhainan, who was greatly surprised, rubbed his eyes vigorously with both hands. That's right! This kind of appearance is that iceberg witch wonderful heart, now how to look more and more like whose family just passed the door of the daughter-in-law? Could it be that there is such a day every month? It's amazing! Behind her, Shiyin witch hand in hand thrush little witch, Shi Shiran came. Seeing the elder sister's shy and timid expression was like seeing the sun rise from the west. Shocking, so shocking. If two people tease elder sister before, still have a little groundless, hearsay suspicion, so now, can almost be said to be, catch the thief to see dirty, catch the adultery to catch double! Thinking of this, Shiyin Witch glanced at the elder sister playfully, and the elder sister's face turned even redder. Can think of what in a twinkling of an eye, and hate to gouge out Li Zhai male one eye, secretly scold, playboy, heartbreaker. After flirting with this beauty, he came to seduce the elder sister again. This sex maniac, still want to eat all the big and small? Thrush little witch is still a face of confusion, obviously this period of time has been brainwashed, has achieved phased results. The little witch has become more and more confused, even the elder sister's abnormality does not seem to notice. I'm still thinking deeply about the serious philosophical question of whether to commit myself to a nuisance. The atmosphere is not very friendly, three witches, the big witch may have just finished the sauna, the second witch seems to have no money to collect, the third witch probably did not wake up. Li Zhainan is a little annoyed, how did they all get together? It doesn't seem appropriate to say leave at this time,Glucono Delta Lactone, but what do you say if you don't say leave? Can you tell them that the moon is really round tonight! Looking up at the sky, it seems that the sun has not yet set! Well, I've been recovering on the island for so long, and I've slept in the bed of the big witch. Now I'm leaving, I have to express my gratitude, don't I? Magic weapon? Seemingly there is nothing good, and congenital magic weapon, send out very distressed! The elixir? It seems that the majority of their body jelly beans, the other is a little basic healing medicine, can not take out ah! Worried ah, what gift to send this year's holiday? To abduct and sell children,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, you need to use jelly beans. What about abducting and selling beautiful women? Uh, yes, Li Zhainan has come up with a unique skill. Like selling pirated CDs, Li Zhainanqian went to the big witch Miaoxin, stretched out his hand, and took out a string of platinum and diamond necklaces in a wretched way, "Miaoxin Fairy, this is a little token of my appreciation, and please accept it!" You show your heart to me so soon! What can I do? The heart of the wonderful witch trembled, her hands and feet were at a loss, and her face was more flushed. Seeing this, Li Zhainan thought that the other party was embarrassed to say that he would accept the gift, and he was reluctant to give up the beautiful necklace and said that he would not accept it, so he quickly untied the necklace and personally brought it to the big witch. Fingers lightly touch the big witch's snow neck, start with delicate and tender, very unscrupulous to stretch out the talons, gently stroked Mo. The big witch's face was as red as blood, and her heart said, "This is over, my heart has been accepted, Kava Root Extract ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and people have been touched by him, that.". Well, how can I face the two sisters in the future! Send out a gift, and touch the side of two witches. The two witches stared at Li Zhainan with a bad face and thought to themselves that although the necklace was good, if the heartbreaker dared to take out the same necklace to fool me, hum! Unexpectedly, the heartless man Li Otaku took out a pair of sapphire earrings, gestured in the ears of the two witches, and nodded. Turn around and come to the back of the two witches, bend over on the back of the two witches, take out a silver needle in one hand, gently pinch the right earlobe of the second witch in the other hand, and say, "Don't move, it hurts a little at first, and then it's comfortable." How could this bastard do this! It's a shame to do that in broad daylight! How can I see people in the future! Two witches in the heart big hate, will refuse, but the ear came heavy man breath, two witches like electric shock, all over weak, unable to resist, let the lady-killer do whatever he wants. The earlobe tingled, and after a moment, the left ear did the same, and then there was a pair of things on the ear, dangling around the cheek. The heart is curious, but the earlobe was gently gnawed by the heartbreaker, but also stretched out the tip of the tongue around the ear hole. Numbness, itching, two witches are also blushing, into a state of dizziness. Got two witches again, Li Zhainan dodged to come to the side of the little witch. He took out a pair of jade bracelets, thought about it, grabbed the claws of the little witch, and put them in. The little witch was caught in the talons and was startled. When she found out that she was an annoying Li curtilage man, her face turned red and she thought, "Do you really want to marry me?"? Looking at the intoxicated faces of several people, it seems that they are satisfied with these gifts. Li Zhainan is still very sure of this! In this world, there are few women who can resist the temptation of sparkling jewelry, and the female demon is no exception. Especially the jewelry designed by myself is new, pure natural and pollution-free, pure gold, silver and precious stones, genuine goods at a reasonable price, neither the old nor the young are deceived. Nodded, Li Zhainan is very satisfied with the expression of the three witches, his works are appreciated and intoxicated, which shows that his labor has been generally recognized by the society, and also shows that he has made indelible contributions to the great development of the prehistoric women's jewelry industry. The wound is healed, the gift is sent, and you can leave this time. Looking at the three witches who seemed to be intoxicated, Li Zhainan coughed lightly. The three witches quickly woke up from their reverie and immediately looked up like a frightened rabbit, staring at Li Zhainan in panic, fearing that what they wanted would be seen by Li Zhainan. Successfully attracted the attention of the three witches, and cleared his throat. Li Zhainan said in a loud voice, "Miaoxin Fairy, Shiyin Fairy." After a pause, he glanced at Thrushcross Fairy. "And Thrushcross Fairy, thanks to the care of the fairies, please forgive the fairies. Now that I have recovered from my wound, I would like to say goodbye to all the fairies. Eyes flow, the big witch is a little at a loss, just to others to show their mind,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, how to go? The little witch thrush is secretly glad that the nuisance has finally gone! This time, this little beauty doesn't have to commit herself to each other, does she.