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It is the first time to see the dark golden congealed equipment "Ming Hua". Generally speaking. Congealed weapons and equipment will be consistent with the color of their body beads. "There is only one exception." That's the congealed suit. Like the congealed suit she's wearing right now is green.. It is not the color of glutinous jade. Tao Besides, Hidehwa knows.. The greater the difference between the color of the congealed suit and the color of its own beads, then … The more powerful the suit is. Ice Zhou Weiqing's ice jadeite body beads are colorless and inclined to white ice mist. But the congealed equipment he released was black and gold, and the color was a sharp contrast. What is more shocking is that when he releases this equipment. The layer of black and golden light that appears on the body. At Ming Hua has profound knowledge, "in some ways even more than her elder brother Ming Yu, for the congealed scroll" she has a great interest … Although not a space department congealer.. But she has the attribute of life, Yi Zhu. But to a certain extent, it can help the congealer to make congealed scrolls. "Therefore, she knows many excellent congealed master factories, so she can recognize the black and golden light that appeared on Zhou Weiqing's body just now." It was very likely that she had never seen it, but had heard of it. This light. Will only appear on the top congealed equipment … It could be a suit, it could be a single. But there is only one condition for its appearance, that is,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the scroll of this congealed equipment is made by the congealed master of the divine master level. Congealed protective light appears for only one second. However, in this second of time, it will produce ten times the defensive power equivalent to the strongest heavenly power of the dzi master himself. That is to say. The dzi master will not be interrupted when using this congealed equipment. Zhou Weiqing has brought a lot of surprises to Ming Hua. You know. She herself has always boasted of being invincible at the same level, but. Today, in order to have enough to limit his attack power,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Zhou Weiqing was forced to use a congealed suit in the face of three beads. But at this time Zhou Weiqing used this equipment, no matter what is obviously above her own suit. Ming Hua's judgment was correct, and what Zhou Weiqing used was the only legendary suit congealed scroll that Huyan Aobo had given him. There's only one.. It's also the first piece of the whole suit. Zhou Weiqing has succeeded in congealing by virtue of his special body. And the black and golden mask is also the congealed divine light that protects the body. The effect of this legendary suit is too strong, although the congealer who made this scroll is not a divine teacher, but the designer is a divine teacher, so … It still has the additional effect of congealing and protecting the divine light. At the same time, the strong black and golden light spread out on Zhou Weiqing's hands. Zhou Weiqing had seen it when he had this congealed equipment, but it was the first time he used it in battle. In a twinkling of an eye, the congealed protective light disappeared in the hands of Zhou Weiqing. Plus a pair of heavy hammers. The handle of the hammer is two feet long, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, as thick as a child's arm, and the end of the hammer is cone-shaped. On the handle, there is a fine dark golden pattern shining. The two hammerheads are extremely large.. The diameter is nearly two feet, which is somewhat exaggerated. They're not perfectly round.. Instead, it has a series of bulges, like the lines of watermelon, which are black and golden. The strangest thing is.. On the heads of these giant hammers.. Each has a pattern, is the appearance of the face, but it is an exaggerated version, the difference is that one is a smiling face … One is a crying face. Because the hammer itself sparkles with a faint golden luster, so … If you don't look carefully.. It is impossible to tell the difference between the two faces. This pair of giant hammers should at least be held by Zhou Weiqing's stature so as not to appear too abrupt, and the huge hammer head with a diameter of two feet looks quite frightening. There is no doubt that only the power dzi master can use such a body bead congealing weapon. At the beginning, Zhou Weiqing was somewhat depressed after finishing the congealing of the scroll. His most desired congealing skill is naturally the shield. The idea of safety first has never disappeared. But who knows, this time the congealed shape is still a weapon. However After a brief depression.. He soon felt better.. For the simple reason that the head of this big hammer is so huge.. It's almost enough to be a small shield like hand. Moreover, he liked the domineering look of holding the pair of heavy hammers very much. And What excites him even more is what they do. There is a record of this sentence on the scroll of the legendary suit. Gemini Mighty Hammer of good and evil, illusion and reality. ,… Watching Zhou Weiqing in the hands of such a pair of children to exaggerate the hammer, the heart under the horror. Ming flower also dare not neglect, in the hands of the sharp thorn before the point. The dazzling white light burst out in an instant. The confinement of space suddenly disappeared. But Her worries are unnecessary. Zhou Weiqing did not come forward to attack. Instead, he raised his hammers and smiled. This smile is as wretched as it can be. Shangguan Bing'er is also the first time to see the appearance of this Gemini Mighty Hammer, her experience is not as good as Ming Hua. I don't know what effect Zhou Weiqing's heavy hammer has. Ming Hua's eyes narrowed slightly, and the cold light in her eyes flashed. "Are you a weapon shaped by a set of scrolls made by a divine teacher?"? "Could you tell me how many pieces there are?" , Zhou Weiqing shrugged his shoulders helplessly, "Tell you that there is no enchanting, just one thing for the time being.". Be afraid. The underworld flower takes a deep breath, but in the heart is slightly relaxed a few minutes. Any of the congealed scrolls made by the divine teacher can be said to be the existence of going against the sky. But luckily it's not a suit.. Otherwise, it's impossible to judge how strong this guy will be in the future. At this time, she could not help but admire her brother deeply. She has always boasted that her talent is not worse than Ming Yu, but now it seems that in terms of vision, she is really not as good as her brother. The guy in front of us is really not the general depth of water. Fear is never a word in my dictionary. The divine-level congealing equipment also depends on who uses it. You? Hum. Hum As he said, "Ming Hua took a deep breath …" In the hands of sharp thorn in his chest a little, a green luster quietly release … In a flash of light, "in her left hand,Sex Enhancement Powder," there was already a big bright red flower. This flower is delicate and charming, and there seems to be drops of water flowing on it, appearing in her hands. It's like I'm alive.