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Anyone in the world

Then, it is also a good choice to be with this man. Although he is stupid, she really doesn't mind at all. It was because he was stupid that she was able to live quietly for the rest of her life. In this way, after thinking through, Tian Mi will no longer be entangled with the problem of strategy and system restart. She turned around and hugged King Yong's waist. "Wang Ye, this story is very nice!"! I like the little boy inside very much! When King Yong heard Tian Mi's words, he grinned and said, "Hee hee, that little boy is me!"! The big black dog is the big black dog! "Is it?"? So that's it! Tian Mi pretended to be a little surprised and said. Provoke Yong Wang is a burst of pride. Lying in the arms of King Yong gradually fell asleep, and did not see the deep meaning in the eyes of King Yong. After the palace banquet, Tian Mi returned to her previous life. Every day is embroidered for recreation, or accompany Yongwang to go out for a walk, or go to another courtyard for a few days. After another quiet month, one night, King An and King Ping joined forces to rebel and killed the present emperor. Even the emperor's children were not spared. However, King Yong, who was originally a fool prince, took the private soldiers trained by the late emperor himself into the palace to exterminate King An and King Heping. Overnight, the situation suddenly changed. Apart from King Yong, the royal family has no other blood. Some of them are not pure royal blood. As expected, King Yong ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor. Tian Mi is completely dumbfounded, what is this situation?! What the hell is going on?! Tian Mi was taken into the palace by the people sent by King Yong and prepared to hold a grand ceremony after he ascended the throne. Tian Mi swallows saliva, the so-called silly prince Yongwang, is pretending to be stupid!? Chapter 204 strategy'unknown 'male protagonist (5). And this Yong Wang, is the real man?! So,Theobromine Powder, who is the woman?! For Mao, she saw that King Yong did not have any contact with the opposite sex except for his own contact with the servant girls in the palace. Could it be that the contact is behind the scenes? Why did she get along with King Yong for so long that she couldn't see his true face? Is he pretending too well? Or is she too careless? The system ~ the Lun family really needs you now! Hurry up and restart it successfully! The Lun family will not complain about you! "The system is restarted successfully!"! Is fusing with the host drop successfully! The stiff mechanical sound sounded again in Tian Mi's mind, and Tian Mi's eyes widened as if she had heard the sounds of nature. Host, the Lun family is back! Do you miss Lun's family? Seeing 0051 waving her wings and wearing a white princess skirt, Tian Mi simply wanted to burst into tears! "0051, if you don't come back, I want to commit suicide!" Tian Mi said with a face of grievance. Thousands of watches! Host, it's not my fault this time! It is the system that has been collided and malfunctioned, and needs to be restarted by self-defense. "Who collided?!" Tian Mi gnashed her teeth and asked, wishing she could pull out the person who crashed the system and disassemble eight pieces to vent her anger! 0051 swallowed saliva: "Yes, yes, another strategy system, L Methylfolate Factory ,Quillaja Saponin, there was a malfunction in the transmission task, collided with our system, so it will be like this." "Forget it!" Tian Mi waved her hand and looked around. Fortunately, when she talked to 0051, she habitually did not speak out. There must be a lot of people hiding in the dark where she lives now. Lying on the bed, she turned over and looked at 0051, who had followed her to the inside. "Is this Yong Wang the man?" "Well, this Yongwang is the man, and this man is reborn." Tian Mi swallowed saliva: "Hurry up to send me the plot!" " "Oh oh ~" 0051 nodded and began to send the plot to Tian Mi. This is an article about the rebirth of the hero, and the whole novel is described from the perspective of the hero. In his previous life, the man did not have much ambition. He began to play dumb when he was five years old. His heart is not big, just want to live a peaceful life. But contrary to his wishes, he met with a disaster in his life. At a palace banquet, he met a woman. A woman who is not beautiful, but he can't take his eyes off. That woman is Jing Fei Xu An Wan. In order to see her often, he always went to the palace. Later, when the emperor discovered the clue, the emperor used Xu Anwan as bait to expose him. In the end, he died because the emperor caught him by surprise. Unexpectedly, God gave him another chance to return to the throne of the emperor. He still pretended to be crazy and acted foolishly, and still chose the daughter of the little county magistrate as the imperial concubine in the emperor's draft. His princess still tried to seduce the emperor during the palace banquet and was given death. But he didn't care. He didn't have any feelings. If it is given to death, it is given to death. He has been cultivating power since his rebirth, and since he wanted to be unknown in his last life, he died a terrible death. Then in this life, he will be the ruler of this Dynasty! He designed the three brothers to kill each other and then reap the benefits and ascend the throne. He left Xu Anwan in the palace to torture, but unexpectedly, Xu Anwan was tortured to death by him, but came back to life. Xu Anwan, who came back to life, was very strange. She had a fierce temper and different words, and she was not afraid of him. And she forgot what had happened before. This Xu Anwan, naturally, came through. She herself was the prince of another female world, and suddenly she slept and came to this world. She was tortured by a humble man, and naturally she had to fight back. King Yong, well, you can't call him King Yong. Call the emperor will also be called mixed, then call the name, Dugucheng. Dugucheng first felt that Xu Anwan was very strange and interesting. So she was allowed to run amok in the palace and turn the palace upside down. Later, the two actually had a good impression, Xu Anwan took the initiative to tell Dugucheng that she was not the real Xu Anwan,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but the prince of another world. Dugucheng had long guessed that Xu Anwan should not be the original, so he let her go. Now that Xu Anwan had confessed to him himself, he was naturally very happy. Two people are he.