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by Kelly Carter - Friday, 11 November 2022, 9:15 PM
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In terms of jobs, education and business, it can seem like the best of most things are located down south and the north can sometimes feel a little underserved. As with many things in England, some of the biggest and most famous airports are based in and around the capital city of London. London itself has six airports at strategic locations both north and south of the Thames and there are plenty of others across the southern region. 

The location of these southern airports tends to be ideal for serving the densely populated south of England and is also good for international travellers coming into the capital, but what about all the people who live in the more northern reaches of the country? Over the course of the last few decades the need for airports in the north led to expansions in British aviation and there are now a decent number of airports serving the north. 

Where exactly ‘the north’ begins is a hotly debated topic, but many agree that it includes parts of North Staffordshire and Cheshire, and extends across to Blackpool in the west and Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in the east. All told, there are seven international airports in the north, as well as a good few private and domestic airports. This means that travellers coming and going from the north are well served and can travel conveniently. 

Humberside Airport

Assigned the code ‘HUY’, Humberside Airport is named after a new region that the UK British government tried to establish in the 70s. The region was abolished in the mid 1990s but many things still bear the name of the county, such as the Humberside Airport and the local police service. This is probably the least popular airport in the north, especially for commercial flights. Instead, many of the flights from Humberside Airport are destined for sites like offshore oil rigs and other industrial and commercial locations and most travellers opt to use an alternative airport in the surrounding areas instead. 

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) is well placed to serve the north and the Midlands and has excellent transport links by road and public transport. Liverpool itself is a destination for many inbound travellers thanks to its status as a growing, thriving city with lots of history and plenty of attractions. Liverpool Airport parking is convenient and affordable, and you can find a package that suits your preferences very easily. 

Liverpool Airport has a good range of shops and restaurants to choose from. You will be able to pick up any last minute essentials you need for your trip, as well as finding something delicious to eat or a cosy pub to spend your wait in until you’re called to board. Most of the outbound flights are provided by budget airlines serving popular destinations in Europe.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the most popular in the north and is large enough to rival the airports in the Greater London area. This airport serves global destinations, with direct flights to the USA, Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. There’s an excellent range of shops, if airport shopping is your thing, from convenience stores to luxury brand stores, and lots of different food outlets. 

Leeds-Bradford Airport

Leeds-Bradford Airport (LBA) is a mid-sized airport that is conveniently located close to the Midlands but is firmly in the north of the country. Since it is a quieter airport you can get through security relatively quickly and it doesn't tend to get as busy as larger airports, but there is still a good choice of shops and restaurants to make your journey more enjoyable and convenient. 

Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport is conveniently accessible by road and there is even a direct Metro service there in addition to other public transport options. It serves all the top European destinations, as well as select routes to the Americas and Caribbean. 

Robin Hood Airport and Durham Tees Valley

Also called Doncaster-Sheffield Airport (DSA), Robin Hood Airport mainly flies package holiday travellers but it is most popularly known for its routes to Eastern Europe. Durham-Tees Valley Airport (MME) offers limited routes but is a great place to start your journey and there are plenty of route options to get you onto your connecting flight. 


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