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by digital bharat - Sunday, 24 April 2022, 11:50 PM
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There is a lack of digital in many areas of our India, which Digital Bharat Pay has filled.

Like providing banking, government and non-government services in every field, giving village to village education, giving employment.

Digital Asian, is largely the govt wherever voters square measure electronically sufficient and conjointly place use of the digital sweetening of their country. The government’s policies and documents are going to be on the market on a bigger platform, that's the web. This additionally suggests that, less paper and physical work. Thus, creating this method associate an co-friendly one. this way of pthe residency, covers each sector, to form certain everybody will get pleasure from its advantage. With this initiative, Republic of India is going to be ready for a future, wherever its voters are going to be technologically advanced and aware.

Digital Bharat Pay Vision for Digital India 

Digital Bharat pay aims to nurture a Digital India thereby empowering every household and every individual digitally. 

Digital Bharat Pay  aims to make every household digitally literate with the goal of making India a knowledge hub.

Advantages of Digital India Portal

1. Infrastructure as a utility to each citizen

  • High speed internet will be made available in all gram panchayats

  • Mobile and bank account will allow participation in the digital and financial sector at the individual level

  • Access to the public service center of your locality will become easier

  • Shareable private space on the public cloud

  • Secure and reliable cyberspace in the country

2. Governance and services on demand

  • Single window access for each individual by integrating departments or jurisdictions

  • Availability of government services in mobile and online platforms

  • Government services to be digitally transformed for ease of doing business

3. Digital Empowerment of citizens

  • Universal Digital Literacy

  • All digital resources available globally

  • All government documents will be available on the cloud

  • Availability of digital resources in all Indian languages

  • Collaborative digital platform for participatory governance

About Digital Bharat Pay (Digital India Portal)

Digital Bharat Pay helps in fulfilling the dream of Digital India like providing digital services, banking services in every single region of India.

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