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Autodesk Building Design Suite 2018 Standard combines CAD and BIM software in an easy-to-use package for architecture, engineering and construction professionals. Autodesk Fusion 360 is a solution that enables the creation of digital process models within composite and complex projects, and also combines models, graphics and other specialized data from various sources into a single intelligent space. The BIM (Building Information Modeling) standard is a design and information modeling methodology that describes all stages of construction work from planning to launching an object on the market. The Autodeskt® Fusion 600 solution is a full-featured design and rapid digital modeling package to enable fast and efficient creation of project implementation documentation sets. Premium Plus is the quintessence of what Autodesk, Autodescan and Autodescad® offer their customers for creating and analyzing digital models, which should be unified, simple and understandable for both professionals and ordinary users. Autodesket Building functionality allows you to build a digital building model. The functionality of Autodeska Building is based on a simple but convenient toolkit that allows you to plan, draw and analyze high-rise buildings from various types of plans. Since the first projects of Autodesky 3D® and AutoCAD® Systems in 2009, AutodesK has released many specialized tools for design organizations, for architectural and design offices and for engineering organizations. With the new Autodespro® Design SuitesTM Solution, AutoDesk offers an integrated design environment that integrates tools for designing buildings, identifying relevant building elements, and sharing information about various design properties and processes in an easy-to-use way to share data and prepare for results. calculations. * Station in a cottage settlement at a high stage of readiness. Building permit obtained *Commissioning expected soon * Engineering and technical systems were commissioned in full. All necessary permits obtained * Internal work at the construction site is on schedule. - Total building area - 990 sq.m. - Number of floors - 4 - Number of external walls - 11 pcs. - External wall material - brick - Internal wall material - expanded clay concrete, hollow brick - Planning solutions - Fire safety requirements - Greenfield Cottage Village is 33 km from