Social Learning Analytics (SLA)

This folder contains a series of papers that cover a range of different methods and tools that can be used for SLA, which is nicely reviewed by Ferguson and Shum (2012):
  • Ferguson, R., & Shum, S. B. (2012). Social learning analytics: five approaches. In Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on learning analytics and knowledge (pp. 23-33). ACM.
  • Aneesha Bakharia and Shane Dawson. 2011. SNAPP: a bird's-eye view of temporal participant interaction. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK '11). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 168-173. DOI= (The original SNAPP software is no longer available, but sakai has an implementation:
  • Gephi ( is a modern tool for manipulating and visualising networks:
    Bastian, M., Heymann, S., & Jacomy, M. (2009). Gephi: an open source software for exploring and manipulating networks. ICWSM, 8, 361-362.
  • Deakin Crick, R., S. Huang, A. Ahmed-Shafi and C. Goldspink (2015). Developing Resilient Agency in Learning: The Internal Structure of Learning Power. British Journal of Educational Studies 63(2): 121- 160.
  • Kovanović, V., Joksimović, S., Waters, Z., Gašević, D., Kitto, K., Hatala, M., & Siemens, G. (2016). Towards automated content analysis of discussion transcripts: a cognitive presence case. In Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (pp. 15-24). ACM.