Papers and Reports

Partnership Model for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Open Online Learning, By Li Yuan and Stephen Powell, eLearning papers,07 May 2015. This paper discusses possible entrepreneurial initiatives in the context of open education and online learning that focuses on three key areas emerging from MOOC experiments: openness; revenue models; and disaggregation of HE provision. A case study will be presented to demonstrate the development of new models around openness, collaboration, and innovation through international partnerships in an open learning ecosystem. The potential for entrepreneurship in developing open online courses and the challenges faced in a higher education context are discussed.

 Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable Online Learning in Institutions, By Li Yuan, Stephen Powell and Bill Olivier, Cetis, UK. January 2014. The findings from this report are summarised in three sections: key themes that have emerged from the MOOC experiment, opportunities that institutions should consider exploring, and longer-term strategic considerations and likelihood that this will happen for institutions.

MOOCs and Open Education: Implications for Higher Education, By Li Yuan and Stephen Powell, JISC CETIS. March 2013. This report sets out to help decision makers in higher education institutions gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and trends towards greater openness in higher education and to think about the implications for their institutions.

开放在线学习: 探索网络时代中外高校合作教学新模式, 袁莉、马红亮. 发表于《开放教育研究》2016年第1期的"教育技术的创新应用:反思与展望"栏目。

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