Topic outline

  • Topic 1: Introduction to blended learning

    In this topic, we will introduce you to the pedagogical underpinnings of blended learning and some of the technologies used to support blended learning.  You will be able to consider the ways in which you can introduce or enhance blended learning within your teaching practice. We will think about why people use digital technologies in education, and consider how they support learning outcomes.

  • Topic 2: Tools to support blended learning

    In this topic, you can learn about Virtual Learning Environments and a wide range of open tools used to support teachers and learners. You can think about how these tools might support your teaching practice, and improve your learners' success. 

  • Topic 3: Open Educational resources

    In this topic, you can explore the concept of Open Educational Resources, and learn about how these can be used to support your learners in efficient ways.

  • Topic 4: Deciding on what to do online and what to do face-to-face in a blended learning course -By Tony Bates.

  • This topic

    Topic 5 Designing for Learning - By Dr Stephen Powell

    Session learning outcomes

    1. Explain the concept of designing for learning in the higher education context
    2. Evaluate the use of the concepts of Constructive Alignment and Learning Design as frameworks for developing blended approaches to learning
    3. Identify opportunities for the use of blended learning approaches including the flipped classroom and open educational courses and resources

    Preparatory activities

    In this seminar, I want us to think about the concept of design for learning in the context of blended learning.  I would argue that for learning to work well, there needs to be some design thinking behind it and this particularly true when we are using online tools and approaches either in a blended model or when course are delivered entirely online.

    In preparation for the seminar, use web resources including those on the Wolearn platform to undertake the following activities in groups of 3-5:


    1. Prepare a short answer to the question what is blended learning – one person to read it out in English.
    2. Prepare a short answer to the question what are open educational resources - one person to read it out in English.
    3. Develop a one page/slide diagram that shows how students learn using blended approaches – this is your design for learning.
    4. What are the challenges that you face in using online, blended and flipped approaches in your learning designs – think of some questions for us to try and answer

    Online Seminar Format (1.5 hours duration, Friday 23rd December start 8AM GMT)

    • 1.5 hours in duration
    • 45 minutes presentation
    • 45 minutes seminar format
    • Location: