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    《Designing Learning for the 21st Century》(为21世纪设计学习)是一门开放课程,该课程由英国博尔顿大学教育控制论研究所(IEC)的专家们专门为中国的教育技术学硕士研究生而 设计。中方学生在本地学校远程学习该课程的内容,并按课程要求完成相应的学习活动。在学生的整个远程的学习过程中,英方专家组与学生们进行同步和异步相结 合、实时和非实时相结合的各种交流互动,及时解答学生在学习过程中遇到的各种问题,及时提供学术支持服务,引导和促进学生完成一个学期的课程学习。最后由中方教师给出符合本地学校考核要求的定量评价(通常为具体的分数)。考核成绩合格者即可获得本地就读大学的相应课程学分。

    Creative Commons LicenseThis Course is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License

  • Week 8.Designing for learning: introduction to IMS Learning Design, with option for in-depth workshop

    Bill Olivier

    In this part of the course we will introduce a broad learning design concept through the design of learning activities using a technology-enabled teaching and learning tool, LAMS, the Learning Activity Management System. This week we will introduce the concept by looking at the IMS Learning Design specification, in the context of where it came from, and next week we look at various Learning Design tools. We will also look at various social software tools and different pedagogical approaches used to support communication, nurturing creativity and innovation, and manage collaborative and personalised learning to enhance learning experiences and outcomes.

    What to do:
    • Work through the activities in Learning Design Using LAMS
    • Follow the Editing in LAMS - instructions to help you set up your own version of the previous LAMS activities so that you can find out how LAMS works from a 'designers' perspective.