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    《Designing Learning for the 21st Century》(为21世纪设计学习)是一门开放课程,该课程由英国博尔顿大学教育控制论研究所(IEC)的专家们专门为中国的教育技术学硕士研究生而 设计。中方学生在本地学校远程学习该课程的内容,并按课程要求完成相应的学习活动。在学生的整个远程的学习过程中,英方专家组与学生们进行同步和异步相结 合、实时和非实时相结合的各种交流互动,及时解答学生在学习过程中遇到的各种问题,及时提供学术支持服务,引导和促进学生完成一个学期的课程学习。最后由中方教师给出符合本地学校考核要求的定量评价(通常为具体的分数)。考核成绩合格者即可获得本地就读大学的相应课程学分。

    Creative Commons LicenseThis Course is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License

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    Topic 9

    Learning outcome: 

    To understand the structure of a Unit of Learning, and how it is created. To have an opinion on the usefulness of IMS LD.

    Assessment criteria:  

    Students are able to navigate around a Unit of Learning using ReCourse, can find the elements of a Unit of Learning, and can edit them. Additionally, if time allows, students can express an opinion on IMS LD.

    Assessment patch:

    • install and explore the ReCourse editor
    • carry out a guided tour of a Unit of Learning (UOL) in ReCourse

    Session objectives:

    • install and explore the ReCourse editor
    • carry out a guided tour of a Unit of Learning (UOL) in ReCourse
    • make some edits to a Unit of Learning
    • if you have time, consider the potential of the specification in a forum

    What to do:

    • Follow the  Guided introduction to ReCourse as PDF
    • Carry out the assessment patch task to edit a UOL
    • Post your edited UOL to the forum
    • It is difficult for me to know how much work it will be for you to do these activities with ReCourse. Please also use the forum to tell me if I have given you too much work, or if it is too hard!

    If you have time:

    • Read my notes on The wider context for IMS Learning Design. It has some links to papers which you can follow if you would like to.
    • Answer the questions in the additional assessment activity, by making a post to the forum.

    What we will not be doing:

    • Learning Design is a very big and powerful specification. We don't have time for you to become expert authors in the time you have available.
    • If we wanted to use IMS Learning Design with students we would install a server run the UOLs on that. We don't have time to do that (although the server is available at http://tencompetence-project.bolton.ac.uk/ldruntime/index.html if you want to try!). When a UOL is running it is rather like working with LAMS as a student.