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  • Advanced Chemistry for future Scientists (University of Manchester)

    A series of advanced Chemistry lectures from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manchester.

  • Chemistry related scientific research for future scientists ( University of Cambridge)

    A series of lectures from leading researchers from Chemistry, Biochemistry, Materials Science and Physics at the University of Cambridge to present their research on new elements, new energy, and new materials. 

  • Activities and live in Manchester

    Top 5 things to do in Manchester

    • Activities and live in Cambridge

      Staying at Trinity Hall College

      Graduates include writer JB Priestley, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and actor Rachel Weisz. The college's 16th-century library (not normally open to the public) has original Jacobean reading desks and books chained to shelves.

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      Studying at Jesus College

      For the 300 years from 1560 to 1860 Jesus College was primarily a training college for Church of England clergy. It was strengthened in 1671 by a major gift from Tobias Rustat. Until the end of the 17th century there were other students, but they rarely stayed long enough to get a degree, a qualification which was essential only for clergymen, schoolmasters, and church lawyers.

      The College’s 19th century transformation was largely due to the energy and enterprise of Henry Arthur Morgan. Morgan was Tutor from 1863 to 1885 and then Master until his death in 1912. He recognized the growing demand for university education from the expanding Victorian professional and middle classes. Cambridge University, like Oxford, was slowly responding to this change by widening its curriculum and allowing more teaching posts to be held by men who weren't part of the clergy.

      Jesus College had spacious grounds and a strong reputation for sport. It was also growing richer thanks to the land inherited from the priory which was now in demand for railway developments and new construction. Morgan made the most of these assets and by 1871 he had quadrupled the number of students, and doubled the accommodation available for them. By 1881 there were seven times as many students as there had been 20 years earlier.

      Jesus College is now a community of more than 1,000 members, including around 500 undergraduates, around 400 graduates and research associates, and over 100 Fellows, supported by more than 100 staff. Nearly all students live in the College or just a few hundred yards away, forming a close knit ‘village’ in the centre of Cambridge. 

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      Formal Dinner

      Dining at Formal Hall is a traditional and very popular part of College life.

      formal Hall is a three course dinner served by College staff by candlelight in our beautiful dining hall.

      There's a dress code: suit and tie or cocktail dress, and students and Fellows wear their academic gowns. It's part of the classic Cambridge experience and always a memorable occasion.

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      Things to do in Cambridge

      1. Fitzwilliam Museum – open every day except Mondays. Some wonderful pieces of art, sculpture, pottery etc., They do expect a ‘donation’ as you depart

      2. Real AA Milne’s Winnie the Pooh at Trinity’s Wren Library. There’s also Sir Isaac Newton’s walking stick and a lock of his hair.

      3. Picnic by the river – go to the Mill Pond (bottom of Mill Lane) and watch punting and the world go by

      4. Walk round the market in the Market Square. Sundays’ are particularly good with some one-off stands including Ostrich burgers!

      5. Walk into the Eagle Pub on Benet Street and read the message written by the pilots of WWII in the back bar.

      6. Walk along the river going east from the Quayside passed Jesus Green, Midsummer Common and even Stourbridge Common

      7. Walk along the river through Grantchester Meadows out to the village of Grantchester.