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    Web Science: How the Web Is Changing the World

    About the course

    You may already be an avid user of the Web, but this introduction to Web Science will help you better understand it as both a social and technical system - a global information infrastructure, built from the interactions of people and technologies.

    This free online course is based on our experience of trying to understand how the Web has grown and changed through technical innovation, economics, politics and everyday use.

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Web Science: How did we get the Web we have?

    Welcome to the first session of Web Science. In this session we will look at what we mean by Web Science, and take a look at how the Web came to be the way it is today. Professor Les Carr talks about the technological history, its beginnings in CERN, its precursors, and the way it has developed alongside the Internet. Professor Susan Halford discusses how social context has influenced its development.

    Please watch the videos in the order listed below, and then you may like to discuss the points listed in Section 3 with your classmates.

    Section 1: What is Web Science?