4.2 Ethics by Design

1. Ethics by Design

In this video, David returns to the topic of ethics and AI, which was identified in week 1 as a challenge for organisations attempting to use AI in their own products, services and processes.



The video draws heavily on the IEEE's ongoing activity for Ethically Aligned Design (EAD), an ongoing consultation exercise with the goal of defining good practice in this space and informing both corporate and government policy. 

In the video, David also talked about MIT's moral machine, which poses decisions where there are conflicting moral norms (especially in regard to autonomous vehicles). It is worth spending a few moments with the system to understand how difficult some of these decisions actually are.

Finally, David discussed the fact that there are people taking the possibility of Strong AI seriously, even though it is many years away. In particular, the Future of Life Institute, who are exploring a set of AI principles that they hope will guide the development of any super intelligence.