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by 泰惟 王 - Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 10:21 PM

 ̄□ ̄||In a word, the emergence and development of the Internet has indeed changed our way of life. The development of the Internet into a world-wide network, was originally used to exchange scientific research information between universities, but later people are more interested in its e-mail function (E-mail). That is to say, people are more interested in using the Internet to transmit a variety of information, including private information. Back in the days when the Internet could only transmit text messages, people who had access to the Internet used it to discuss a variety of issues, but now it is already available.

For an important operating system, it was at that time that computer programmers scattered around the world discussed and delivered their research results through the Internet, and gradually formed a complete operating system.

Later, a multimedia World Wide Web (WWW) was created on the Internet. Its original purpose was to enable nuclear physicists around the world to share research data from the European Institute of Particle Physics (CERN). As a result, the most interesting thing about the World Wide Web is the common users of the Internet. At this time, the functions of personal computers are becoming more and more powerful. The cheap ones have the functions of multimedia, that is to say, we have the conditions to use the World Wide Web. As a result, more and more users of the World Wide Web allow users to connect to the Internet through telephone lines in a timed manner.