Week 4: Redefining the human

Image by chrisjtse. Creative Commons license CC:BY:ND
We now turn our attention to a rather different perspective on ‘being human’ in a digital age: the notion that ‘the human’ is a social category which is made, not a biological matter-of-fact with a set of characteristics that are universally apparent. Where the films and readings in week 3 emphasised that we need to keep a focus on what is valuable in human ways of being, the examples we will look at this week instead explore how ‘the human’ is a flexible category, one we can change and re-make in the interests of, for example, a fairer society, a better life, a richer culture, or perhaps merely personal gain. We are looking here at perspectives which work to re-define what constitutes ‘the human’ - for better or worse - and what that might mean for education. 

To summarise, where week 3 was concerned with approaches defined by humanism, week 4 will be focused on posthumanism and how this might help us think about education and technological change. 

In addition to the content, look out for the following activities:

Wednesday 26th November at 08:00 GMT  

Thursday 27th November at 16:00 GMT  
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