Transcript of IEC video

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Hi, my name is Mark Johnson. I work for the Institute for Educational Cybernetics, and I am particularly interested in the applications of cybernetics to e-learning . Cybernetics is a study of organization, and we do things like , we do model, see it model,***** which we think of the valuable system of moodle, and we use it to try to understand how we organize educational technology, so educational institution can be viable, and educational system in the country can be viable, and people can be viable. So I am very interested in how we use technologies and how the technologies change the way we can organize ourselves.

Hey, I am Dai Griffiths, a professor in e-learning and the IEC (Institute for Educational Cybernetics). And Before I got involved in e-learning, I was a teacher, and I suppose my interests come from that. That was a teacher who became obsessed by technology and wants to see how it could be used in teaching and learning. So I am very concerned about the accessibility of technology to teachers, their ability to engage with it and use it, making do what they want to do. Anything either the ability for everybody to do that. And I am also in the way which we represent the education in technologies, a kind of model which we built. It's part of that the work can  be very involved in whole learning design to debate, to discussions, and technology, particularly IMS learning design.

Hello, I am Bill Olivier. I am a professor here, the Institute of Educational technology. My concern at the moment is  trying to suit***this room, because it makes ourselves babble. But I will take you look at over here, you will find it in the middle of processor***  Have you forgot the name of educational ***I say Educational Cybernetics. Thank you very much. As you can see, General  is *** MY task is trying to bring him in older. This is General . and we will soon be very organized. It is a highly excellent online course for your master's degree. I am looking forward to it very much.

Hello, I am Richard Millwood. I am interested in improving the whole education, particularly for students, for whom the courses don't work. I think technology can help them access, to fit their lines ,and time and place works for them. The other things I am interested is the history of educational computing in the UK, and what lessons can we learn from that experience.

I am in educational works. Nothing approach system in higher education, both think about how to develop new curriculum, particular the focus on these people who can't attend university face-to-face to drive workplace.

Hello, I am LI Yuan. I joined IEC two years ago. I currently involved in supporting the UK open educational resources program. This program is to make high quality teaching and learning resources available free for educators and learners internationally. I am very interested in the research of the impact of OER teaching and learning in higher education, especially the development and transformation in open education.

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