Rational Behind the Course Design

This course was designed around a number of key principles that include:

  1. learners are not required to attend a lesson at a fixed place or time unless stated otherwise for a particular activity
  2. learners can expect to undertake individual, group, and collaborative activities
  3. learners will take on different roles, participate in a wide range of different learning activities that are supported by different types of resources
  4. all of the materials are released as Open Educational Resources so anyone is free to re-use and re-purpose them in line with the licence attached
  5. learners will have the opportunity to discuss ideas with a wide cross section of staff working in the Institute for Educational Cybernetics
  6. learners will be encouraged to engage with experts in the field and with the wider community
  7. learners will develop their own inquiry on a topic of interest to them and with relevance to their anticipated professional career
  8. assessment will be ongoing throughout the course
  9. learners helped to develop their ability as self-directed, critically reflective learners
  10. the pedagogical design and facilitation of the course is explicit and uses a range of different approaches
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