Patchwork Media Approach to Assessment

This approach is based upon Patchwork Text (Winter, 2003) and further developed into Patchwork Media.


Formative assessment will be used on this course. Learners will be expected to build a portfolio of work (patches) based on the learning activities they undertake each week. This will be submitted along with short commentary linking the portfolio elements and identifying their learning throughout the module (stitching).

This short article from the Guardian Online Newspaper explains the motivation for the development of the approach.

The approach encourages learners to:

1. use different media (video, audio, website, etc.) and genre (poetry, play, report, blog, etc.) to help express their ideas creatively and with imagination

2. share work in a learning set for critical feedback through asynchronous and synchronous discussions to help clarify their own understandings & ideas and practice their communication of them;

5. identify their learning throughout the process and relate it to module learning outcomes including meta level reflections.


Winter , R., Parker, J. Ovens, P., 2003. The patchwork text: a radical re-assessment of coursework assignments. Innovations in Education and Teaching International. 40 (2), pp.111-122.

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