Assessment patch

For this assessment patch you should make some changes to the UOL we have been looking at, and then post the UOL to the Moodle forum.

If you worked with someone else looking at ReCourse, please carry on working with that person in thie assessment patch.


  1. Open a new copy of the LD_Using_ReCourse UOL

  2. Add a new phase to the UOL. Call it “Reporting to the teacher”

  3. Add new activity to the “Reporting” phase. Call it “Make a post to the forum”

  4. In the activity description put in the text “Please make a post to the forum summarising the groups ideas about IMS Learning Design.”

  5. Create a new learner role called “reporter”

  6. Create a new teacher role called “teacher”

  7. Create a new environment “Reporting forum”. Include a Wookie forum in this environment (the Wookie server is now running, and instructions for connecting to it are in the "Guided introduction to ReCourse").

  8. Associate the Reporting forum with the “Make a post to the forum” activity.

  9. In the File menu choose “Package as Zip file”. Post the zip file to the forum. Please also add a short note saying if the task was easy or hard. If it was hard, say which things you found difficult and (if possible) why.


All the things that you are asked to do are described in the Guided introduction to ReCourse.

You can also use the User Guide to ReCourse at

If you don't understand how to do something after looking at these two resources, make a posting to the forum, and I will try to help you.

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